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Portugal, Colégio Conciliar de Maria Imaculada, WDA in St Martin's Day (11th November)
On St Martin's day, it's a tradition, in Portugal to have an activity called Magusto, which involves roasting chestnuts and drinking homemade wine, which resulted from the harvest of the new fresh grapes of the season.
Large bonfires are made, usually in the center of each village, where the chestnuts are roasted, and greatly appreciated by all. Songs and activities are also part of the tradition and typical activities from each village have proliferated all over the country.
It is also a tradition to make the TALEGO, which is a sack of cloth patchwork, which is used to collect the roasted chestnuts.
This year, a TALEGO’s contest was organized for our educational community. The goal was to use recyclable materials and reused materials that would be wasted. The students who didn´t accept the challenge made, in Arts classes, some TALEGOs, by recycling milk packages brought by them from home.
The result was extraordinary. Our students exceeded all expectations, because of the diversity, imagination and creativity from each TALEGO made. There was great difficulty in choosing the best work, due to the high quality and originality of the TALEGOs presented.

Some photos, from the TALEGOs exhibition were published during the week of November 7th, 2013 (WDA): http://youtu.be/t1ruWVLLYcs

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