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E...porque não há duas sem três!!!!

Portugal, Colégio Conciliar de Maria Imaculada, 2014 - International Year of Family Farming
The Eco - School Club launched the first phase of the competition, part of the Valorfito Challenge project, which consisted of researching agricultural methods/technics used all year round. Students investigated the farming practices in our region, during each month with extraordinary determination and enthusiasm.
The UN declared 2014 to be the International Year of Family Farming, in December 2011. All preparation dates and contests associated with it aim to draw the attention to the importance of rural development based on the respect for the environment and biodiversity.
Our 5th and 6th graders, in Arts and Technological Education classes, designed, illustrated, and at the same time developed technical drawing technics, learned in those classes, producing a calendar with emphasis on agricultural products associated with each month. The calendar was sent to the ABAE for evaluation and participation in the competition.

We highlight the commitment, the enthusiasm and the determination that this activity inspired. It is also helped raise the morale and motivation of the Eco-School Club and that of the Art’s teachers. All these activities and interventions promote a calling for an educational focus on a change in social and environmental attitudes, so necessary in today’s society and in our own school, which has started to change.

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